Nina Nesbitt’s metamorphoses in her new single

This is what we can call a big change of direction! In case you didn’t know, Nina Nesbitt is scottish and was VEVO UK Lift Artist in 2013. Her first album Peroxide peaked at #11 in the UK in January 2014 and in the single charts the highest she reached was #21 with the delicate Stay Out

The thing is that Nina used to be the “beautiful girl with a guitar making friendly folk pop songs” and suddenly, just eight days after the year started, out of nowhere, she surprises us and releases a new single: Chewing Gum.

So far nothing really shocking, till you give the track a first listen and your jaw drops. Electronic hooks and synths hypnotize you rightaway and guide you through an intense pre-chorus in which she sings “You’ve got me wrong, I got you”. And yeah, she’s right, she got us!

The track is basically about a brief relationship (or sort of a relationship) in which someone thinks he/she has got you but actually you’re the one in control, pretty much just using the person. That’s made very clear when miss Nesbitt shouts in a vigorous chorus “I’m just chewing gun, untill the flavour is gone”. Does this come from the same mouth that used to serenade “stay out tonight and see through my eyes” two years ago? Did she just compare a person to, eeeerm, chewing gum?

Well… what can we say? Remember when Avril Lavigne used to be the “rebel girl antithesis of princesses pop girls” in the early 2000’s and changed her image totally when she released Girlfriend in 2007? Nina’s modification is even more astonishing. Whether she did that because she really wanted to give herself a new direction, whether she did it just to attend label pressures and have a potential hit, one thing is right: she will conquer dance/pop fans instantly with this song! Nothing to be ashamed here. We can’t wait to see what else she got up her sleeve.

Veredict: 80/100

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UPDATE: We were wondering if the music video for this amazing song would be decent. And it happenned that it is much more than decent!