1D unveils last video before hiatus. Now what?

One Direction announced they were going on a hiatus last year and didn’t mind to make a proper goodbye-comemorative video to do so.

The video includes flashbacks from when they used to be only X Factor contestants, backstage footages from concerts and music videos shootings and personal archives.New footage for the video includes only the four remaining members singing in front of a wall of bricks (guess the label was not willing to spend much money here. C’mon Simon Cowell! Don’t be that penny-pincher).

Ex-member Zayn wouldn’t be ignored as he’s part of their so called History. But, of course he doesn’t get that much on video individual time, ‘cause he’s not a member anymore, right?

Now we can only wait to see what each one of the boys can do by himself. Zayn’s first proper solo effort is arriving soon and is promised to be different from the sound of the boyband and more substantial. Harry is said to be in talks to be managed by Jay Z’s Roc Nation. Liam is rumoured to be writing to the likes of Jennifer Lopez.

Make your bets! It’s time to find out who’s the “Robbie Williams” of the group! We’re pretty sure that Liam, even being the best member by far will be underrated. Very sad.