Get to know (better) french pop singer Aria

This beautiful and talented french girl started as a yoga teacher on a french TV show and was a dancer in a cabaret in Paris. But if you are a pop music fanatic, specially when it comes to girlbands, you might remember this lady from Paradiso Girls: one of Robin Antin’s attempt of creating the new Pussycat Dolls. In 2009, their debut single Patron Tequila was a banger and peaked #3 on Billboard Dance/Club Songs.

Since the group disbanded in 2011, Aria has written for other artists and released songs as an independent artist. Last year she got signed to Warner Music France and released her official debut single as a solo artist: Astrolove, a dance/pop-bubblegum-perfection-for-the-dancefloor track that the likes of Kesha would kill for. We chatted a bit with her (well, not exactly. We wrote the questions and she wrote the answers back, but we’re sure she wrotes as kindly as she would talk to us).

  • MI: Hello Aria! Me and the 3 other guys from MusicaInspira got to remember you (because we knew about you already from Paradiso Girls) when we recently watched the music video for Astrolove. At first listen we were dancing like freaks already and trying to follow the choreography, you gotta teach us! The concept of the video was your idea? Can you briefly explain it for us?
    • ARIA: Thanks so much! So happy you like Astrolove! Yes, the concept of the video was my idea. I wanted something fun and colorful, so the idea of the video is that I’m looking for the perfect man which his astrologyc sign has to match with mine and I’m finding him in the end after a bunch of crazy adventures


  • MI: You mix French and English in AstroLove, and sing only in English in your previous songs. Do you prefer singing in English only? Do you intend to keep singing in both languages in the future?
    • ARIA: Yes, I do prefer singing in English, but I wanted to do one or two songs where I mix both, specially because I live in Paris at the moment. Maybe I don’t mix both languages again. But, anyway, my album would be mainly in English.


  • MI: We got to know that you are a yoga lover (not to say expert). How does that influence in your music?
    • ARIA: Yoga helps me to survive in this crazy artistic industry😎 It keeps me grounded and helps me focus on the right things. Also makes my body stronger and helps me with flexibility so definitely helps with the dancing part.

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  • MI: Our website is called “Música Inspira” (in English “Music Inspires”), so we wanna know: what kind of music inspires you? Can you tell us your main influences? 
    • ARIA: Depends on my mood really, but one of my biggest inspirations will always be Madonna!


  • MIAre you still in touch with your ex-mates from Paradiso Girls? What`s your relationship like today?
    • ARIAI am really close to Lauren. We are like sisters and we might actually work together in the future! The other girls, I just talk to them occasionally.


  • MI: In 2013 you took part in a song called Step for South Korean girlband f(x). Are you into Asian pop music? Do you enjoy making music for other artists?
    • ARIA I’m writing a bunch of nice tracks for other artists and I love doing that! This song specifically I thought would fit well for a girlgroup… Well, I used to be in one! Also love Asian culture and hope I’m able to go on a tour there soon!


  • MI:  If in an emergency you could take with you only 1 album, which one would be?
    • ARIA: Oh, that’s a hard one! Don’t need to take any album with me I carry all of the music I love in my heart and memory! Haha!


  • MI: Can you give us any info about upcoming singles and the upcoming album?
    • ARIA: Finishing my album now and I don’t have a release date yet because it’s always the label that decides! But I am really anxious for people to hear it! Can’t wait!


  • MI: A big thank you Aria! We wish you good luck and lots of success!
    • ARIA: Thanks for your support guys!