Single: Pet Shop Boys – The Pop Kids

Pet Shop Boys are those kinda artists that refuse to retire and keep releasing consistent tracks.

The newest gem is called The Pop Kids and is pretty metalinguistic. It’s a pop duo, doing a pop song about people that like pop music. The song is basically about me, about you, about (pretty much) everyone. Specifically, it tells a story of how friends met and became close because of the mutual interest in this fascinating musical genre. Even if you don’t like Pet Shop Boys, but you’re a keen fan of pop music, you can relate to this tune easily.

The sound is what you expect from the english duo: synths being intelligently explored giving the impression you’re in a hangar in the late 80s or early 90s, Neil’s nasal voice and some groanings like “oh oh”.

“They called us the pop kids ‘cause we loved the pop hits” open the chorus. A pretty obvious implication, but that’s how you identify a pop music fan, right? Some other harsh assumptions are made, like “we were young, but imagined we were so sophisticated, telling everyone we knew that rock was overrated”. Every pop fan can be delusional as well and they know it, so why not make it clear once and for all? Some truths must be said.

Oh, good old Pet Shop Boys, feels like you have a stock of nice synthpop/dance songs recorded and kept in secret just waiting for what you think is the appropriate moment to release it. Please, do it more often.

Pet Shop Boys in 2013
Pet Shop Boys: Old but gold

Veredict: 60/100