Raw and cohesive: ANTI

I lit a cigarette and decided to listen to Rihanna’s ANTI

Half-light, rested body and cool mind. Stripped of all clothes and thoughts that could have guided my writings. The expectations running deep, millions of people were waiting for this album, and in the end, it had divided all opinions. Some of them put the album on a pedestal, the other part of them had just disgusted it. Had the coolest woman on Earth lost her essence, her fans, her incredible sellings? I am not the one who is going to give you the answer, but I think nothing can describe it better: it is crude. And I dare to say that it’s the closest we can get to Robyn.

The thruth is, she has grown up. And she sang for us in the first song:

“When I look outside my window I can get no peace in life” (Consideration)

And this is a huge music! Melody, vocals and lyric, all in a wonderfull combination. Even if you don’t understand what she’s saying – for any reasons – you can feel it.

The funniest part is, she acts as if she’s all wrong, a bad example and all, but we forgive her, because she is the only one who can appear with weed between her fingers, and at the same time she’s gotten us close to her as big friends, as she shares moments in which she has fun with her real friends and family.

ANTI is still playing in here… Kiss it, kiss it better, baby

It comes to show that like the rest of us, she lies awake, wondering why you’re not there and, sends a 3 a.m. drank text. It also shows that she feels as lonely as us do. Among all her smash hits, we had always had an intimate song, but here it’s documented in her own words, precisely and emotionally. Oh, dear desperado, she doesn’t want to be alone!

Needed Me started playing in here and it brought the old Rihanna we all know:

“didn’t they tell you I was a savage?”, she asks.

And I got to the peak of it when Yeah, I Said It, and Same Ol’ MIstakes just pushed me down in such a gentle touch that I started floating on air…

How can a person say this album is bad? For sure, he/she has gotten used to porn music, that rapes their ears, causing reactions on his/her genitals instead of heart, skin or soul. At the end of all, guys, it shouldn’t sound so strange to fall in love again. Maybe that’s all she’s been looking for. Losing the tracks is part of the process. Finding it, too. And if she needs to lose her way to find herself, I really hope she does it more often, and produces more tracks as Never Ending. And comes up with more super productions like Love On The Brain – which made me drank too much whiskey and sing out loud.

That is what she had made in the two-minute best song of her career, Higher, indeed. In which she drunkely sighs at her own ineloquence to someone just out of reach that she can be more creative, but love has made her poetic lines disappear. And though it may be an acidental byproduct of years of blunt smoke, she’s reached her vocal marvelous peak. I got chills!

So, ANTI can be considered Rih’s most cohesive album. It’s definitely different from all the others. There’s no hit, but timeless music, and even if she releases other records – fingers crossed – here, we can always meet the real Rihanna.