Music Inspires… Just let it be…

This is going to be my first English text for Música Inspira. When I have decided to write something here I had no idea of what to write about. Then I started to think about a bunch of items and once again no clue of where to start. Suddenly I realized that to start I had to describe the meaning of music to me. From the very beginning.

Music is part of my soul. The effect that the music can have in my life and in my mood is absolutely hard to describe. Not only music is responsible for making our lives better and happier, but also it has the power to make us see the world in different views. Every single song has its own energy and message. Once they are released, those “feelings” spread everywhere.

Lots of students from every side of the Earth have studied about the effect of the music in our daily basis. I cannot understand why they spent so much time researching about that instead asking me. [LOL] Music sets fire to our feelings. You can change your mood very quickly based on what you are listening to. Parties can be so boring with the wrong music’s choice, or even worse than boring if there’s a party without music. Can you think about a world without diva-music? I prefer not to think about it. Certainly, people would be dead earlier with a lot of diseases and depressions. Thus, there is so much bad music that it would be better if they were never played.

Music takes me to an unknown place. Music is almost a state of mind. Without it, we can’t find our inner peace. The music transcends our beliefs, pleasures and emotions. And the only thing you can do is find the one (or the ones) that really matches to you, and makes you go inside yourself. Just let it be!

My relation with music is so intense that I have a huge frustration: not to play any music instruments. It’s a shame! I don’t have the God’s gift for that. But I found a way to make my voice be heard with this website and I hope that someone can have fun and find something interesting here that can change his/her world. So enjoy it. Explore it.

“Music Inspires… Just let it be”.

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