Wannabe: 20th Anniversary

Time flies.

It’s really hard to believe that this is happening: we are celebrating 20 years of Wannabe! More than that, we are celebrating a massive change in pop culture. Since Madonna’s awareness in 80’s, no other woman achieved tremendous success empowering a generation, but them.

Before anything, Spice Girls this is for you:

Dear Spice Girls,

You have no idea how many people you have touched since 1996! You taught us how to say what we really really want. There’s no chance to deny the impact you caused in our lives. We are still here to thank all the love you shared. Thanks a lot for making our world a better place to live. That’s exactly what we really want: to have fun! From your Brazilian and very devoted fans. With Love: 


To describe a little bit of how they influenced a whole generation it’s difficult, specially for me. I’m a huge fan and I can say that they are responsible for all of my love for pop culture. They are the pop culture itself. At that time lots of newspapers classified the Spice Girls as the group of more impact in British music’s scene since The Beatles!

From 1996 to 1998, they released eight singles and seven of them went straight to number one at the charts. They sold millions of singles and albums. Not only the girls travelled around the globe but they spread their message for thousand and thousand of people. Girl Power defined how girls could look at themselves. Girl Power gave girls confidence to fight for their rights. What they really really wanted? That everyone could listen to their voices!

The Spice Girls influenced everything that we know about pop music since then. They opened the doors for many and many girlbands. They had the destiny on their favor. The five girls had very different personalities and they looked like a friend of us, not divas. That’s one of the reasons of their buzz. Everyone would like to be part of the Spice Girls or to be a friend of one of the girls. Or even date with one of them.

Wannabe is iconic! One of that songs that you don’t need to recognize so much and to have fun. You want to sing along. It’s catchy, funky and stucks in our minds. What about the video? Insane and epic! Every single person is able to remember it. I really would like to dance on those stairs! (Actually I need to say: I tried it).


Wannabe is a classic! It’s contagious and still remains as the best-selling single by an all-female group of music history. However we don’t care about these numbers. What matters is the fact that even twenty years later we are here celebrating something that made millions of people happier. This is the real legacy!

What We Really Really Want?

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