Karol Conká, the fabulous!

She’s been doing such a revolution in Brazilian’s music as people claim for her in all concerts and cities all around the country. It’s time for you to know a bit more about Karol Conká!

13497743_1081273261953295_6165262625324441795_oKarol was born in the year of 1987, in Curitiba. Since then, she has discovered herself in the music scene while creating a lot of rhymes. Suddenly she took part in a school’s challenge of rhymes, won it and recorded some music for a mixtape with other friends. But that wasn’t enough for her!

Some of the demos she recorded were available for download on myspace. And they were so good that called the attention of the public in general.


Her first single was a damn well produced one which mixed her rhymes with a Brazilian-tropical-unusual sound, and it showed up in a funny video that made her huge entrance in the local mainstream as she appeared in the extinct VMB – Video Music Brazil calling all the attention to her work.


BATUK-FREAK-_capaBang! One of the most talented, colorful and already respected rappers in Brazil had gotten out of the cage with a lot to give and a lot to ask for. In 2013, her first album – Batuk Freak – came out showing all her capacity to impact the world. If you’re curious about it, I will let the Rolling Stone magazine tell how she sounds like:

“A bouncing bass-heavy blend of rap, hip hop, baile funk and Afro-Brazilian beats delivered with bracing positive energy.”


In her own words, it is like:

14199369_1132068526873768_6838390007436541736_n“We have excellent MCs and beat makers with a growing space to show their work. In this scenario, I situate myself in a position where I sing about joy; my protest is against sadness. I always try to sing about self-esteem and respect with festive and danceable beats… “Batuque is a term generally used to designate beat. ‘Batuk’ is a ‘karolish’ version for this word.”

She has been revolutionizing Brazilian’s culture fighting for black/women’s empowerment, that’s one of the reason we reinforce the fact that you should be attentive to all her steps.