Rico Dalasam: what he has to say?

There is a growing movement in the country to extol the LGBT pride, good! But within the movement, itself has its sides, unfortunately. I mean, there is the same  LGBT movement, people who refuse to accept the different, misogyny, transphobia and worse, racism persists and there is this society’s rule entrenched in this movement.

And fortunately, there is a steady increase of activists who are breaking these prejudices among each person who carries an evil mind. Luckily, the music has a “premiere” and magnitude of someone who has all the reasons and authority to talk about it.

Rico Dalasam is the largest representantive in the country-rap-queer movement. His style is also a contrast in a closed and reclusive way to LGBT due to culture, religion and above all, attitude of his ancestors, Rico has been conquering a public that, in Brazil, is still lacking names to represent the causes because it is becoming big in the representation of black, of humbled people and gay.

In fact, few, very few names in our country generally make music for that public with authority, experience and above all courage!
Who with his music and voice increasingly active, Rico Dalasan is teaching all of us how to be representantives of a movement for equality and that this feeling of equality starts from ourselves.

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