Nine Inch Nails from my heart and my stomach

It is very fresh and so cool when we connect our feelings to someone we love or to something that we can see ourselves into, like a mirror. We see us inside and that’s like a reflection. Well, today I’d like to introduce a very close friend of mine: Alice Nicotra, a very nice Swiss girl, whom I met in London few years ago. She is absolutely addicted to Nine Inch Nails! Yeah! Nine Inch Nails.

When I received this text from her I was so excited to read it. And once I finished it,  I remembered about one of the first things she wrote in the beginning of the message: “Just came from my heart and stomach“. Well done my dear! There’s nothing more inspirational than that. That’s exactly what our website is: music and inspiration.

Alice, you’re more than welcome here! Always!

A long and troubled relationship

My love for Trent Reznor and his band, Nine Inch Nails, did not start in the best way possible…as every interesting and intellectually stimulating relationship. It’s not love at first sight but a deep knowing about something so different from you and your comfort zone.

I was sixteen years old, sad to say…seventeen years ago, and I used to listen to Marilyn Manson during my path to become an adult so I started to think: “I absolutely have to know who had discovered this guy”. I came across Trent Reznor and NIN following this curiosity.

Their music was much more complicated and elaborated because is the product of someone that deeply knows how to combine sounds and eventually create art; In fact, this great musician – Trent Reznor – started to play piano when he was just a kid. “Pretty Hate Machine and “The Downward Spiral”, their very first two albums, were so difficult to listen to, but at the same time, it was introspective and aggressive. Still it is.

Some years ago, when I was twenty three years-old, I discovered again this cryptic and fascinating sound. And finally I fell in love with it. Trent Reznor’s music was not a secret for me anymore and became something so familiar, so vibrant and able to put myself in front on my emotions and my feelings as someone who was growing. “Closer” was my favorite album at that time because it is so similar to my vision of a violent and deep way of love. “Hurt” made me so sad and full of hope at the same time.

Nine Inch Nails went to play live in Bologna (Italy) when I was studying there. The first thing I did it was to buy the tickets immediately. It was an amazing concert, full of energy and an interesting exchange of emotions between the audience and Trent, so so so happy that I was there.

And as every big love…emotions and complicity come and go. I listen to them until “Year Zero” – released in 2007 – as a real big fan but the best album, until nowadays with no doubt is “Fragile” because that type of resonances are very hard to reach again.

Probably my musical tastes has changed with time but I must admit that Trent Reznor’s voice, after Freddy Mercury’s one, is my favourite always. Better than any violin, trumpet and piano: this men is really able to use his voice as an instrument and experiment with it. The new EP Not the Actual Events – which came out last December – shows another phase of Reznor’s career but I still have to listen to it many times more to understand what is my relationship with his music nowadays. Probably I still have to grow with it or maybe not. I just can say that Nine Inch Nails are one of my favourite band ever.

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